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A new vision for classical music

REVEL believes that everyone is wired for a passionate response to great music, and that great music is essential to our lives. Our passion is presenting chamber music concerts that move, delight, and inspire——we call them revels. This means the focus is on sharing and celebrating fantastic music, not on protocol. This means you can come as you are, clap when you feel like it, and “revel” in the music like no one is watching.

We’re not sure who invented the rule that you have to sit up straight in prim rows, formal clothing, and complete silence to hear classical music. But it doesn’t apply here.

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Welcome to Revel

“The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.” -Roy Ayers

Header Photos: “We Heart REVEL” and “Ballet Austin” by Liz Love | “Trio” and “Cármelo de los Santos” by Rodney Bursiel | All others by Nathan Russell

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Swing Shift (IV. Club Crawl)


“…[in] Club Crawl, you can almost hear the clinking glasses…”…

Swing Shift (VI. Grooveboxes)


“… [to] the full-tilt boogie of Grooveboxes. The arc of…

Swing Shift (V. Magic Hour)


“The title of this CD comes from Kenji’s name for…

Swing Shift (III. Interhour)


“We liked the piece before we started to perform it….

Swing Shift (II. Night Flight)


“The piece has so much, from the moody, introspective soliloquies…

Swing Shift (I. Prelude)


“Kenji doesn’t know it, but he wrote this piece for…

Bridge Over Troubled Water


“REVEL believes in and encourages those inner musicians, and has…


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